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CO2-free printing in combination with an efficient recovery of resources.

Just as powerful as the old process, but much more environmentally friendly. The combination of a natural gas power plant with combined heat and power, new drying technology and innovative recovery is extremely efficient in terms of energy consumption and resource conservation. And it also allows CO2-free printing.

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 Energy production
 Heatset drying
 Resource recovery

High effectiveness coupled with over 95% efficiency

With a natural gas-drive turbine power plant with combined heat and power system, the two most important energy providers in the production process are generated on site: electricity and hot gas. The highly effective power plant delivers considerable efficiency benefits in the generation of energy.

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 Energy production

Heatset drying 2.0 – innovatively direct.

Learn more about our new Heatset drying system, which represents a technological leap in Heatset web offset.

With this new technology,
- Natural gas combustion in the dryer &
- Thermal after-burning for cleaning exhaust air

can be done away with, while less energy is produced for the drying stage. You can find more information here:
 Heatset Drying

The recovery of resources – solving complex problems.

We recover valuable raw materials. Mineral oils, process water, volatile hydrocarbons are recovered separately in a multi-stage process from the printing presses’ exhaust air. Highly innovative, efficient and clean. And commercially attractive.

You can find more information here:
 Resource recovery


Our own power plant
Jungfer needs energy – and we generate it ourselves. Our ultra-modern gas turbine, complete with a combined heat and power plant, runs with an excellent level of efficiency. It provides everything we need – with around 60 per cent fewer 2 emissions than normal.

Energy production
Pioneering technology

Along with our workforce and a commensurate degree of experience, it is primarily our technical equipment and expertise that enables us to continuously deliver peak performances for our customers from across the whole of Europe. This is why we do not simply just constantly invest in innovative technologies. Instead, we quite often very simply develop them ourselves.

Modern machine park
With our modern machine park, we cover virtually every demand made of printing and onward processing with ideal results. Our state-of-the-art technology, however, still has plenty more to offer. That's because it is to a great degree partially responsible for our ability to use energy and resources in an increasingly efficient way to benefit our customers and the environment.

Innovative processes
A range of fundamental changes, designed and now implemented by us, to previously accepted industrial processes help us to do this. It all begins with the unconventional generation of the primary energy we use, which is produced with around 60 per cent fewer CO2-emissions than the average German energy mix. It continues through a revolution in the essential heatset drying process and extends to the virtually complete recovery of resources in printing inks. Fundamental changes that, together, enable you to use a thus-far unique CO2-free printing process for your print products too.

Completely different

No additional consumption of energy to operate the required dryers. No thermal afterburning of solvent-containing exhaust air, producing considerable emissions. So you should forget what you know about heatset drying. At Jungfer, we do things completely differently.


Drop by drop

With conventional heatset drying, afterburning not only releases greenhouse gases that damage the environment, but it also destroys valuable raw materials. Jungfer has now eliminated both of these disadvantages and is recovering resources drop by drop.