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Sustainability at Jungfer

The systematic renovation of our machine fleet allows us to print for our market with the most modern systems in Europe. Systems that allow us to markedly reduce our consumption of resources and generation of emissions, and which have allowed us to pass on quality and cost benefits to our customers.

Sustainability at Jungfer

80% of our printing is done on recycled paper. And we also demand climate-neutral products.


Clear goal

Overcoming the contradiction between economy and ecology that has grown up over almost two centuries is no short-lived trend, but a simple necessity even in the medium term. Jungfer is breaking new ground too.

Ongoing improvements
Key areas of action include improvements to energy and material efficiency. By investing in modern technology, we have already been able to make considerable advances in the past. The renovation of the machine park reduced electricity consumption in production by more than a third (-34% per 1,000 pages between 1990 and 2008], while air consumption was reduced by more than 25% (-26% per 1,000 pages between 1990 and 2008). With the introduction of the heat recovery system, we already began providing around 1,000 kW of energy for hot water and heating purposes across the company many years ago, achieving a carbon dioxide emissions saving of 1,600 tonnes a year. The world's first computer-controlled large-volume ink supply also led to wasted and environmentally harmful printing ink residue becoming a thing of the past. By 2007, we were already using alcohol-free printing and up to 80% of our products were being printed on recycled paper. PEFC and FSC certification was achieved in 2008.

CO2-free printing
The most recent milestone in our efforts is the implementation of the CO2-free printing process. This was made possible by fundamentally re-engineering our energy supply system and - in line with this - making radical changes to heatset drying and the recovery of resources.

Regional commitment
We are also shouldering our responsibilities in the local region, however. For example through various projects relating to integrated training measures, through active collaboration to strengthen the region's status as a business location, or support for the Harz National Park.

National Park Harz calendar
for 2013.
Fascinating nature - captured in unusual and inspirational images. This is the trademark of the National Park calendar, which was first produced a few years ago on the initiative and with the support of Jungfer.

Thanks to masterly snapshots taken by outstanding photographers, every month offers a breathtaking glimpse of the wonderful flora and fauna that the Harz region has to offer.

The third edition of the calendar is now being produced for 2013. It will soon be available to order directly via our website or from the National Park 'TorfHaus' Visitor Centre via post[at]torfhaus.info