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Direct to the customer

Many industries traditionally rely on the effectiveness of the advertising supplement. As one of Europe's leading manufacturers of supplements, we carry out your tasks too. From start to finish, regardless of the print run size, and across national borders.

Flexible and economical
There are good reasons why the advertising supplement is such an important advertising medium. It enables various messages to be conveyed to defined target groups in an economical way: entire ranges, commodities, specialities, periodical offers, seasonal articles and much more. Selective distribution using suitable sales structures ensures that the supplement is sent precisely where it's supposed to go.

Added value
Do you want to increase the impact of your supplements? More buying incentive? Greater customer loyalty? Talk to us. We’ll be happy to tell you more. The possibilities range from special formats, graduations and flaps, folding and perforation techniques to add-ons such as stickers, CDs, DVDs or coupons.

Avoiding emissions.
It is through the intelligent linking of a whole series of fundamental technical changes that we have established a heatset printing process at Jungfer that is unique in the industry: no carbon dioxide emissions. This has been made possible thanks to a completely new drying method that uses no separate energy feed, which allows the virtually complete recovery of all of the volatile components contained in the dryer exhaust air and - as a result - the removal of the thermal afterburning stage associated with the usual considerable emissions produced by the printing process.
 CO2-free printing