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We make the most of everything.

The possibilities we offer you are by no means exhausted with print alone. If you want us to, we can turn your project into so much more.

Comprehensive solutions
For maximum advertising success, good content and convincing design are now no longer enough on their own. In the competition for your customers' attention, effective tools such as AdSpecials or high-quality AdOns can make a valuable contribution, and in many cases providing the stimulus that prompts a purchase.

Are you looking for functional protection for your print products? Or an experienced partner when it comes to the systematic optimisation of distribution and logistical processes? Are you keen to perfectly present your brands, products or services not just in printed, but also in digital form? In response to all of these questions, we offer you not only expert knowledge, but also portable practical solutions. We look forward to talking to you.

Avoiding emissions.
It is through the intelligent linking of a whole series of fundamental technical changes that we have established a heatset printing process at Jungfer that is unique in the industry: no carbon dioxide emissions. This has been made possible thanks to a completely new drying method that uses no separate energy feed, which allows the virtually complete recovery of all of the volatile components contained in the dryer exhaust air and - as a result - the removal of the thermal afterburning stage associated with the usual considerable emissions produced by the printing process.
 CO2-free printing