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Evolving tried-and-tested solutions

Leading the business of Jungfer Druckerei und Verlag GmbH: Guido Lang, Roger Mellinghausen and Andreas Wulf. You can depend on the company's fortitude, developed over many years, as well as the strength it has gained from continuous evolution.

The course is set
Since they took over at Jungfer many years ago, the course has been systematically set towards the future. This includes the systematic renovation of the machine and systems fleet, as well as an expansion of the company's portfolio of services in line with the market's needs coupled with strong initiatives in the field of training and ongoing learning for the entire team. The people running Jungfer have courage, but also foresight, with their fourth strategy - the ongoing evolution of business processes with the aim of making the company more and more sustainable in the future.

On the road
Lang, Mellinghausen, Wulf and the entire Jungfer team has now scored its first stage victory. The company has evolved, is consistently on a journey towards a sustainable future and is able to offer its customers benefits and added value like no other competitor.