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Starting out with Jungfer

One of our core tasks is to train up highly skilled employees. This is because competent people, made competent because of their excellent training, are the backbone of any company and a deciding factor in a highly competitive environment.

Learning more through networking.
At the moment, our group of companies has over 20 trainees who are completing their training to become print media technologists, mechatronics specialists, industrial managers and media designers.
Training at Jungfer means looking far beyond your familiar horizons. Within the MEKOM Print network, trainees are given exclusive insights beyond their own companies, gathering valuable experience in the network of leading companies from the graphic arts industry within the Osterode region. The "Trainees for Trainees" initiative offers regular tours, joint projects and brisk exchanges of information and experiences, providing a unique opportunity for trainees to familiarise themselves with the complex relationships between the companies in the graphic arts industry.

So from this perspective, it is no coincidence that our group of companies can offer a high level of training quality which is regularly confirmed by the excellent examination results achieved by our trainees. In fact, they very often rank among the best in the region.

Looking forward to meeting you
Are you interested in enjoying the benefits that training with Jungfer has to offer? Simply send us a message to find out more about our training places, expectations and when our next training programme begins.
Oscar-winners in the making.
The trainees at Jungfer Druckerei und Verlag GmbH have become successful film makers. As part of the "Azubis für Azubis" initiative, a five-month project was set up to produce a remarkable film that focuses on the career patterns of the various vocational professions and the company's own training organisation. It's not only a fantastic film, but also vibrant testimony to the fact that independent initiative and responsibility can produce outstanding results.