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For us, concept development means comprehensively taking into account as many aspects of a task as possible. We become your customer and your colleague.

With an in-depth analysis, we develop a communication strategy based on your goals that delivers results. In the third stage of the process, we define and design tools that reach your goals and which also integrate seamlessly into your corporate communications.


A keen eye for impact.Whether it be supplements, adverts, glossy brochures, mailshots or even a website: a design should present the character and strengths of your product or service - coordinated with the communication channel and your target groups' conventions - so that they become tangible and real.

After all, your customers' decisions are based on emotion. Our designs achieve precisely the right impact.


More than a printshop. Effective tools, target group-optimised communication, media-appropriate designs or exciting texts: our Creative Services assists you long before the typesetting, exposure and printing stages. Or even after printing as a digital publication.


From start to finish

Find out more about Jungfer's other services too. The services that provide you with support for your projects long before the print stage that is as professional as the successful implementation of your plans through digital media.

Reliable prepress
You can of course put your complete trust in our prepress services, which have proven themselves to be reliable thousands of times over. The classic prepress stage, for us, includes the meticulous processing and checking of all your data long before printing plates are created, perfect image editing, professional typesetting and precise colour management.

We also offer a wealth of other services aimed at making your advertising project a complete success from start to finish.

Portable concepts
Our specialists take care of key conceptual work, analysing your markets and target groups carefully and taking account of both your competitors and demographic change. On the basis of this analysis, they work with you to develop advertising objectives, strategies and measures and define the most suitable media mix.

Creative implementation
With texts that get your message across and graphic design that not only looks fantastic but is media-appropriate in every case, we adopt an holistic approach to implementing your campaigns. And we portray you, your company, your brand, your products and your services perfectly - in print as well as in digital form.

Avoiding emissions.
It is through the intelligent linking of a whole series of fundamental technical changes that we have established a heatset printing process at Jungfer that is unique in the industry: no carbon dioxide emissions. This has been made possible thanks to a completely new drying method that uses no separate energy feed, which allows the virtually complete recovery of all of the volatile components contained in the dryer exhaust air and - as a result - the removal of the thermal afterburning stage associated with the usual considerable emissions produced by the printing process.
 CO2-free printing