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Energy generation module

All of the forms of energy relevant to the printing process are generated with a natural gas-driven turbine power plant.

Efficiency of primary energy generation:

Heatset drying module

Drying is performed with hot gas fed in instead of the old method of burning natural gas.

The hot gas-powered drying process saves several cubic metres of natural gas a day compared to the previous method of burning natural gas.

Resource recovery module

The hot gas that cools during the drying process carries mineral oil, water and VOCs back to the resource recovery system.

CO2 emissions in the printing process to make the process CO2-free.


Finally gone

Jungfer has recently started successfully using a pioneering solution for a challenging task. With the decision to use its own gas turbine power plant, the energy required by Jungfer is already being produced with around 60 per cent fewer emissions than the energy taken from the average nationwide energy mix. The situation in the downstream actual printing process, including drying, has undergone an even more radical change.

CO2-free printing process made reality
There are two reasons for this. On the one hand, Jungfer's own power plant provides the heat so urgently needed for the drying process almost as an inevitable by-product of the gas combustion process. As a result, the previously extra, high and emissions-linked energy requirements associated with the use of the dryers are a thing of the past. Jungfer has also been able to completely eliminate the thermal afterburning process, which was also bad for the environment. With the solvent recovery mechanism integrated into the overall system, only clean air remains at the end of the drying stage.

Compelling argument
Print products that are manufactured in this way make a valuable contribution to our customers' efforts to achieve sustainability, since they help to optimise their environmental balance sheets in the context of the added value chain.

Perfect workflow.

Do you want manage your publications in the high quality you are familiar with, but in future with a level of efficiency you have never experienced before? With JAIS, the Jungfer Article Information System, you can. This is a tool we have developed ourselves that allows you to manage and store all of the relevant modules centrally, while third parties such as purchasing departments, agencies, wholesalers or even goods management or online shop systems can access them any time and from anywhere in the world. The ideal software tool for any company that regularly has varied publications produced with little effort and a high level of safety against errors.