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Development through partnership

Modern company management, for us, also means maintaining and cultivating partnerships - with customers, supplier partners and with all of our stakeholders, but most importantly with our workforce too. This is because a successful market presence demands constant, shared learning, investments in our employees' expertise and potential and the quest for new talent for our business.

Taking on the challenge
As one of Europe's leading printing services providers focusing on web offset, we are regularly seeking to strengthen our high-performance team, particularly in these areas:
  • Assistants
  • Reel men/women
  • Robot operators
  • Print media technologists
  • Web offset printers
  • Machine operators

Take the initiative and apply to join us.

Developing people further
Of course, when it comes to possible professional development, the focus lies on your career pattern and your role in the company. However, you can also benefit personally from the wide range of further training and support measures that we offer within our company and in collaboration with external providers. We are currently supporting in-job further training measures in the fields of business management, technology and media science. Within the company itself, we regularly offer training courses in foreign languages, data management and moderation, specialist courses in technology or process innovations and courses for certification or additional qualifications for certain job descriptions.

No vacancies, or nothing that fits your profile? Then send us a speculative application. We'd be delighted to hear from you.
Starting from pole position. .
Starting a career with the best possible training is also a great way to start out in life. The Jungfer Group companies offer in-depth training opportunities in a variety of professions. Our involvement with the Mekom regional training network also gives you the opportunity to look beyond familiar horizons. You'll find more information in the
Job training.