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Energy production

Jungfer needs energy - and we produce it ourselves. Our state-of-the-art gas turbine, complete with connected combined heat and power systems, operates with an excellent level of efficiency. It provides everything we need - generating around 60 per cent fewer CO2-emissions than normal.

High efficiency
The natural gas-powered turbine power plant operates at an efficiency of up to 95 per cent, utilising the energy contained in natural gas with virtually no losses. The power generated in this way therefore produces around 60 per cent fewer CO2-emissions than power from the German power plant mix.

Electricity and heat
Electricity, which we use to operate our systems, and in some cases we also feed it into the public grid. But the hot gas produced in the gas combustion is put to good use too. Not just as thermal heat and - after further conversion - process cooling on the printing presses, but most importantly in our novel heatset drying system and unique resource recovery systems too.

Avoiding emissions.
It is through the intelligent linking of a whole series of fundamental technical changes that we have established a heatset printing process at Jungfer that is unique in the industry: no carbon dioxide emissions. This has been made possible thanks to a completely new drying method that uses no separate energy feed, which allows the virtually complete recovery of all of the volatile components contained in the dryer exhaust air and - as a result - the removal of the thermal afterburning stage associated with the usual considerable emissions produced by the printing process.
 CO2-free printing