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World of Print

For over sixty years, we have been producing tailor-made print products round the clock for a wide range of applications. Advertising print products which - depending on their objective - can successfully communicate your image, your product or your services.

A wealth of possibilities
In addition to the advertising supplement, catalogues and brochures, folders or flyers, customer magazines, posters and much more are also traditionally classed as advertising print products. A broad selection of printing materials, design and finish options can also massively increase the bandwidth of possibilities. Despite all the possible variations, there is one constant that runs throughout for you. Our renowned expertise and modern technical equipment means that we can always deliver an excellent level of quality with a highly attractive price/performance ratio.

Excellent flexibility
This is a promise that also covers very different print volumes. That's because not only are we perfectly equipped to handle print runs that involve millions of copies, but we can handle small and medium-sized print runs with the same degree of precision and flexibility.

Perfect workflow.

Do you want manage your publications in the high quality you are familiar with, but in future with a level of efficiency you have never experienced before? With JAIS, the Jungfer Article Information System, you can. This is a tool we have developed ourselves that allows you to manage and store all of the relevant modules centrally, while third parties such as purchasing departments, agencies, wholesalers or even goods management or online shop systems can access them any time and from anywhere in the world. The ideal software tool for any company that regularly has varied publications produced with little effort and a high level of safety against errors.